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Travel itinerary: One day in Edinburgh

Rick and I were so excited to finally, finally visit Scotland in 2023, seeing as we originally booked the trip in 2018 for a 2020 travel date! We went to Scotland on our trip to England, Scotland, and Ireland with EF Go Ahead Tours and our Scotland portion was concentrated on Edinburgh. Since this was

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One day in Dublin

We were supposed to cross Dublin (and other places in Ireland) off our bucket list in 2020. That did not happen, but it was okay as we finally got to visit the Emerald Isle this past September when the world was back to normal. It was a whirlwind trip as we explored France, England, Scotland,

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24 hours in Santorini

I’ll be honest right now, 24 hours was not enough time for us to explore Santorini as much as we wanted to! But, we were also visiting the island on a cruise so we didn’t have much say in how much time we had there! Rick and I are already talking about a return trip

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One day in Venice

Venice, Italy

We’ve posted on the blog before about how to spend a day in Venice, but this time we’re recapping what we actually did with a day in Venice when we were there at the end of June! From a gondola ride to a food and wine tour, we tried to have the right blend of

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24 hours in Athens

We were pretty excited to go to Athens on our recent cruise in Europe! Though we only had a day in the city, which really ended up being only a half day with the transportation back to the cruise, I’m still happy we saw at least one of the major sites on our sightseeing tour

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24 hours in Split

Last time on the blog we posted about our Royal Caribbean European cruise that included stops in Croatia and Greece, and one of the reasons we picked this particular cruise itinerary was because we were supposed to go to Croatia with some friends on a Go Ahead tour, but unfortunately it was canceled. So, we

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24 hours in Sintra

Sintra, Portugal

When we went to Portugal last spring, we made our home base in Lisbon and booked a day trip out to Sintra. I’ll be honest and say that Rick and I did not do much planning for this trip and kind of just went along for the ride with what my family wanted to do,

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24 hours in Lisbon

I’ll start this post off by saying I’m glad we had more than one day in Lisbon but I will also say that if you’re strapped for time you can pack a lot in if you only have 24 hours in Lisbon! From historical attractions to trendy eateries, there’s a lot to do in Lisbon.

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24 hours in Nashville

Honky Tonk Central in Nashville

Ready to go country and practically lose all your hearing for a day or two? Then you’ll want to travel to Nashville, AKA Music City! The capital of Tennessee, sometimes called Nash Vegas, is a fun travel destination in the US if you love music, hot chicken and good Southern food, and Jack Daniels. I