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5 fun facts about Ireland

We were so thrilled to cross Ireland off our travel bucket list in 2023! We’d booked that trip back in 2018 for 2020… which did not pan out. So, finally exploring Ireland (plus Scotland and England), was a major highlight of last year. Since we’ve been counting down to this trip for so long we

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2024 travel resolutions

We are about to say goodbye to 2023 and while this was a busy year, it was also a year filled with adventures and for that we are super grateful! We were able to cross many things off our travel bucket list in 2023 and that included visiting six new countries! Six! We finally got

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5 fun facts about England

Couple in front of Tower Bridge

We’ve been to London a few times now, but we were so happy to get to explore more of England and the United Kingdom this fall! England is a beautiful country and is extremely diverse. We loved learning about the history, English culture and customs, and traveling to new places in England. Part of those

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5 fun facts about Croatia

We were thrilled we got to check off Croatia from our travel bucket list this summer, even if our method of exploring the country changed from a guided tour to a stop on a cruise. Either way, I was ecstatic to see this beautiful country. If you’ve been to Croatia or are planning a trip

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10 tips for traveling as a couple

Rick and I have been traveling together for many years now and have found our rhythm as a traveling couple, we understand what each other needs when it comes to traveling, and we know our roles when we’re planning travel.  But it’s taken many trips and many years to find our groove. While travel is

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5 fun facts about Canada

Canadian Flag

We’re so excited to head off to Canada in a few weeks. I’m sure my Minnesota accent will make a strong reappearance after our time there! Though I have to confess, though I lived right below the Great White North, I’ve never ventured over the border… until now that is! We’ll be heading off to

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7 ways to travel more on a small budget

Colosseum in Rome

Traveling is fantastic, there’s no doubt about that. But not all travel comes at the same price point. Some experiences require the GDP of a small country and some are budget-friendly, or even free.  But if you’re working with a smaller budget, that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to add more travel to your

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What to pack for an all-inclusive vacation

We love going on vacation to all-inclusive resorts because once you get there, virtually everything is taken care of! Sure, there might some excursions or activities you want to pay extra for, we’re always suckers for massages at the spa, but for the most part you don’t have to spend anymore money once you’re on

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Best New York City photography locations

I admit it, I take way too many photos when I travel. Way too many. But, I love it. I love taking pictures and videos so I can better remember our trip later and print out some amazing shots of our travels for our travel wall documenting our adventures together. So, it’s no surprise that

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How to say Merry Christmas in 12 languages

Santa-shaped chocolates

While we typically stay stateside for family festivities for Christmas, we have opted to travel over a few yuletide celebrations before! Years ago, my family and I went to Italy for Christmas and back in 2020, Rick and I went to Jamaica for a tropical take on Christmas. Hopefully one of these years we can