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9 tips for staying healthy while traveling

Girl on the beach

No matter when you travel, when there’s a health crisis or not, staying healthy on the road can be a challenge as you’re changing your surroundings, schedule, and being introduced to new things, and potentially new germs. Throw in some jet lag and your body is not performing at its best to ward off illness. 

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Why I love Ipsy as a traveler


Last year I made the foray into subscription boxes with subscriptions to Ipsy and Scribbler, Ipsy to satisfy my makeup shopping habits and Scribbler to satisfy my writing side. I love being surprised with new makeup to try from new brands without having to commit to a full-size version. I used to take a chance

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What to pack for a cruise

Cruise ships

Planning any vacation is fun but packing can always add an element of stress to your adventure as you don’t want to overpack or underpack for your trip. Rick and I are both aware that we tend to overpack for everything but for our last cruise I tried to make sure we weren’t packing unnecessary

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14 romantic destinations in the US

Las Vegas at night

Love is in the air! Everywhere we look around! As Valentine’s Day is tomorrow we thought it’d be fun to share the love and share the top 14 romantic destinations in the US! While any city can instantly become romantic simply by traveling with your partner, these romantic travel destinations are recommended year-after-year for their

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Best travel credit cards

Credit cards

Until about two years ago I had never paid an annual fee for a credit card but then Rick talked up the benefits of the Chase Sapphire Reserve card and I had to admit it was worth the fee for all the travel perks it comes with.   But not all travel credit cards are made

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Best photography locations in Barcelona

Barcelona Cathedral

Barcelona is bursting with color and unique shapes thanks to Antoni Gaudi’s influence and there’s no shortage of amazing photography locations in Barcelona to capture forever on film – or on Google Photos.  I don’t even want to know how many photos I took just inside the Sagrada Familia and we were only there for

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How to plan a digital detox

Woman with computer and tablet

Rick and I recently went to a ‘20s themed New Year’s Eve party and had a blast and it made me think about how far we’ve come since the 1920s in terms of travel and tech. While advancements in technology have been amazing and we can connect with anyone around the world at any time

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2020 travel destinations

passport and map

Happy New Year! We can’t believe it’s time to start a new year and a new decade already but we’re ready to roll right into the Roaring Twenties Part 2 with some new, rip-roaring adventures. It’s that time of year again to set New Year’s resolutions and new goals and we hope travel has made

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2019 holiday gift guide for travelers

gift guide

The holiday season is upon us and with every retailer seemingly extending Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, as well as having traditional holiday sales, it’s that time of year to go shopping for gifts under the tree. If you’re shopping for frequent travelers or family or friends that are planning some serious travel in