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Hawaiian language guide

Aloha in the beach

Though Hawaii joined the United States in 1959, it still protects and furthers its culture by having two official state languages: Hawaiian and English. It was awesome being at the airport in Lihue and hearing everything spoken first in Hawaiian and then again in English – even though I could barely keep up with the

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Travel French: Useful phrases

Eiffel Tower in Paris

Did you know that nearly one in five people speak French? As a romance language, it’s easy to see why so many want to learn the language. If you’re heading off to France soon and don’t have time to learn French, here are a few useful travel phrases in French to get your travels off


Learning a new language: Rosetta Stone vs. Duolingo

Girl learning new language

I love learning helpful phrases in other languages when I travel but I’ve always dreamed of being bilingual or at least able to speak somewhat fluently in another language. While Spanish would be more useful in Colorado, Rick and I had booked a trip to Italy so we decided to learn Italian together. I’d used

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Travel Spanish: Useful phrases

Hola! Even after more than a year of studying Italian with Rick, I always default to wanting to say hola to start a conversation. Perhaps it’s just all those repetitions we did in high school that it’s just drilled into my brain, as well as: Muy bien, gracias, y usted? via GIPHY As a romance