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Tips for traveling with your dog

dog traveling

We share a lot of travel tips with our fellow explorers, from what to pack, what travel accessories to buy, where to stay and what to do when you get there, but not all travelers get around on two feet and many enjoy going to new places as much as their humans. Dog-friendly travel has

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How to overcome jet lag

Plane in the sky

Nothing makes the first day of travel worse than landing and ready to explore and then an hour later being fine falling asleep on a train, in the street, or anywhere really as you don’t care about anything anymore besides sleep due to jet lag. Rick and I were total zombies on our first day

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13 tropical travel tips

I love relaxing beach vacations where there’s nothing on the agenda but laying out in the sun reading a good book and when you add a tropical cocktail in my hand, well that’s just perfection. A vacation in the tropics brings to mind relaxation and sunshiny happiness, but don’t start your dreamy getaway by forgetting

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15 solo travel tips

Person on Hawaii at sunset

Traveling solo often has a bad rap but it doesn’t have to! Solo travel provides freedom, builds your independence, and lets you get to know yourself better. Solo does not equal lonely in our books! Solo travel can be liberating but there are some things you’ll want to be aware of if you do hit

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13 tips and tricks to improve your Caribbean cruise experience

With only a few weeks left until our next Caribbean cruise, I thought it’d be fun to share some cruising tips and tricks we’ve picked up over the years. As someone who loves group travel, cruising is another great way to explore the world and enjoy stress-free travel. With set itineraries, planned adventures, meal plans,

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Budgeting for travel in 2019

piggy bank

Traveling is fun but paying it off is not. With the new year right around the corner, Rick and I starting to budget for 2019 and map out where we’re going and how it fits in our overall budget. Traveling doesn’t always have to be this expensive endeavor and over the years I’ve learned how

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Travel German: Useful phrases

Frankfurt, Germany

Since Denver’s Oktoberfest is coming up and I’ve been busy dreaming about a return trip to Germany, I thought it’d be fun to share some useful travel phrases in German! While heading back to the land of great bier isn’t on the itinerary for 2019, I can’t wait to visit Germany again and get my

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Staying fit while traveling

Couple running in NYC

I’m a creature of habit and part of my daily routine is working out. While I love relaxing on vacations and sleeping in, I also like keeping up my fitness routine so I can focus on relaxing later in the day and enjoy that third glass of wine with a decadent dinner without feeling too

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21 international travel tips

Rome, Italy

Taking your travels across the seas or over the border? Make your getaway as stress-free as possible with these 21 international travel tips! Plan ahead Seems obvious enough! Research destinations and the weather to find the best time to visit – unless you’re planning a budget trip and trying to travel in the off-season for