2023 holiday gift guide for travelers

Red Christmas present

Happy Thanksgiving! Let’s be honest, Black Friday deals kicked off back in July so it doesn’t really matter anymore when the holiday shopping season is upon us. But, since every company we’ve ever interacted with has been emailing us nonstop the last few days about Black Friday and holiday gifts, we figured it was as


Travel itinerary: 4 days in Quebec City

Recently we were lucky enough to find ourselves exploring Québec City with my family! And as someone who grew up right across the border from Canada but had not been there yet, it was really great to finally cross Canada off our travel bucket list! We were also in for a treat as my parents


What to eat in Quebec City

Beaver Tail

We were so excited finally to cross the border up north and visit our Canadian neighbors! We were fortunate my parents choose Canada as this year’s family travel destination, more specifically Quebec City. We were intrigued to visit as from photos it looked like Little Paris or Mini Europe and we couldn’t wait to explore