Review: Asakusa View Hotel Annex Rokku hotel in Tokyo

We were so excited to check Japan off our travel bucket list in 2024 and we were fortunate enough to go there with some friends! We also decided to go to Japan with a tour group, Go Ahead.

While we are big fans of guided trips, there are some things we don’t get control over, such as our hotels.

But, having done three trips with Go Ahead we knew we’d have very nice accommodations during our overnight stays in Tokyo, Odawara, and Kyoto. And none of them disappointed. The hotels were lovely and had excellent rooms, amenities, and were conveniently located.

In this post, we’ll review the hotel we stayed at in Tokyo.

Asakusa View Hotel Annex Rokku review

Our hotel in Tokyo was the Asakusa View Hotel Annex Rokku.

The name kind of gives it away but the hotel is located in the Asakusa neighborhood, which was a very nice neighborhood. It was quiet but also walkable and we never had any trouble getting around. The hotel was quite comfortable and had everything we needed.

I swear there is some hotel emporium in Japan that supplies every hotel with the same items as our hair dryers in all of our rooms were identical!


Our room in Tokyo was bigger than we were expecting and had two beds, a couch, a desk, a TV, a safe, a fridge, and of course a bathroom. The bathroom had a separate room for the toilet, a sink area, and then the shower was actually an entire wet room!

Also good to know: the bathroom was stocked with shampoo, conditioner, and soap. Compared to our Go Ahead trip to England, Scotland, Ireland where I saw conditioner once during a two-week stay, this was a very welcome sight!

Everyone raves about the toilets in Japan but they do so for good reason! Every hotel had amazing toilets with all the bells and whistles (literally, there was a button to play music or sounds), and our hotel in Tokyo delivered on that front as well. It was also very nice as the bathroom was automatic and self-cleaning between uses.

Our room was well-insulated as we never picked up any outside noise or even sounds from our neighbors or out in the hallway. Our beds were comfortable and there were charging ports right next to our beds for our phones.

I will say that this hotel had the best pillows during our Japan stay! I truly don’t know what was up with the pillows at our hotels. They were not the most comfortable and next time we go to Japan I’ll be bringing an airplane pillow just in case I need to use it at night!

I also appreciated that we got bottles of water in our room each day.



Rick and I don’t normally have breakfast, but Go Ahead always makes sure our hotels have an included breakfast. We did do breakfast two mornings during our stay just to make sure we wouldn’t be hangry halfway through the day.

The breakfast here was both a buffet and table service. They have a menu of about six items that you can order from a server, such as fried eggs, scrambled eggs, a breakfast burger, French toast, or a traditional Japanese breakfast. One morning they also had a specialty menu item (seen above).

The buffet had a great variety of fruits, vegetables, breads, rice, meats, and even little sweet bites. You could also get specialty coffees, drip coffee, water, and juice.

Breakfast was very popular and did fill up fast, but since we were always getting on the bus early for our sightseeing, it didn’t impact us too much.


The annex rokku is a separate building as there’s the main hotel, The Asakusa View Hotel, where you can find other options for breakfast as well as dinner. We did do dinner at the main hotel our first night in Tokyo and it was a buffet style dinner.

They had a wide variety of cuisine: Sushi, pizza, jamon iberico, grilled meats, pasta, and so on. But the desserts were definitely where it was at! Plus, the hotel’s restaurant had an amazing view over the city at night!

The main hotel is about a two-minute walk from the annex rokku.


I did love that on the second floor near the reception desk, they also had a great selection of toiletries should you have forgotten to pack something. Q-tips, combs, brushes, toothbrushes, sewing kits, and more were all available to take back to your room.

In your room, you also had slippers and a PJ set.


I actually made no plans to visit the gym on this trip as I wanted to save room for souvenirs instead of packing gym wear and figured we’d be walking so much anyway, but one of our friends did make use of the gym and said it was nice but a little basic.

Customer service

While we didn’t have to do check-in on our own, every member of the staff we interacted with was polite and friendly and graciously switched to English after we botched the Japanese we’d learned for this trip.


Our room was cleaned every day and returned to a spotless condition. We also got fresh towels each day for our bathroom.


Our hotel stays were already included in our tour cost, but I looked at the website and saw that rooms start from ¥25,513 or about $160 USD per night.

For its location and amenities, I feel that’s a very fair price for the hotel.


Like I said, this is in the Asakusa neighborhood and we really liked it. It wasn’t as busy as some other parts of Tokyo but there was still plenty to see within walking distance of our hotel or it was a super quick walk to the metro/subway. In fact, it was a very short ride, I’d guess less than 10 minutes to get from Akihabara back to the station nearest our hotel.

On our first day’s walking tour, within 10 minutes we were able to see the Asakusa Shrine and Senso-ji Temple.

It took about an hour to get to the hotel from Narita Airport but it was a very pleasant ride into the city.

We both enjoyed staying in this district!

Hotel’s address: 2-9-10 asakusa taito-ku Tokyo-to Japan.

What neighborhood should we stay in when we finally get to go back to Tokyo? Let us know in the comments!

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