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Top 10 things to do in Barcelona

Park Guell

Rick and I reminisce about Barcelona a lot. And then we make a big paella dinner and a giant pitcher of sangria and start looking up flights and hotels. Barcelona was one of our favorite cities on our 2018 Europe trip as it seemed so magical. The bright colors, interesting architecture, amazing food, and walkable

Things to do

Free things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona street

Rick and I are dying to plan a return trip to Barcelona to explore more of its famous sights, taste more of its delicious food, and enjoy the vibrant, charming city to its fullest – as well as revisit some of Barcelona’s free activities. Trying to see and do everything in the city doesn’t have

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24 hours in Barcelona

Barcelona, or “Barthelona” if you want to sound like a local (but please don’t unless you actually speak Catalan), is a wonderful, welcoming city that Rick and I simply cannot wait to get back to. The beautiful architecture and neighborhoods, the welcoming people, the inviting beach, and the delicious cuisine make for a wonderful vacation