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Best food and wine tours in Paris

Box of macarons

Ready to become a French gourmand? Treat your foodie side to an amazing food tour in Paris and discover the flavors and traditional dishes of France. It’s impossible to not want to stuff your face with crepes, baguettes, cheese, duck, escargot, and steak tartare while exploring Paris and sometimes it can be overwhelming having to

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Review: The Reykjavik Food Walk

Iceland hot dog stand

Rick and I have started making a food tour a natural part of all of our getaways as it’s such a fun way to visit tucked away restaurants, eat where the locals eat, and learn more about the city from someone who lives there. So of course when we had a day in Reykjavik, we

Food and Drink|Reviews

Review of Eating London

I feel like I mention taking food tours in pretty much every blog post, but they’re so much fun and such a great way to experience a city! When Rick and I were in London we of course did a food tour in the city and we booked ours with Eating Europe! We decided to