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Review: Guinness Storehouse experience

Guinness Storehouse visit

One thing Rick and I knew we wanted to do as soon as our Dublin trip was finally happening was drink as much Guinness as possible and preferably have one of those pints at the Guinness Storehouse!

Luckily for us, our tour guide organized a trip there and bought us tickets for a visit. I was honestly a bit overwhelmed and blown away by how big the storehouse is and all there is to see and do there.

We live near Golden, CO and have done the Coors tour before and this was like that only 10x bigger and more immersive.

We enjoyed exploring at a leisurely pace and had nothing else to do in Dublin until 6 p.m. that evening and got dropped off at Guinness at around 11. We had plenty of time to discover all we needed to know about Guinness.

Unfortunately, our guide told us about some of the premium options when we got there and it was too late to book them or add them on. We really wanted to do the Stoutie experience even though it’s kind of cheesy and way, way touristy. It’s an extra pint of beer but with a selfie printed in the foam. What can I say? We’re kind of basic because that sounded like fun!

Another paid option was the Guinness Academy where you learn how to pour the perfect pint. That could be a fun add-on to the tour but we were also fine leaving the pouring up to the professionals.

So, we did the basic tour and learned about the ingredients that give Guinness its iconic flavors and ruby-red color, learned about the brewing process and the fact that every brew is taste tested 23 times, saw the 9,000-year lease, visited the tasting room, enjoyed a brew and the view up in Gravity Bar, and then stopped for lunch at 1837 Bar & Brasserie.

Our lunch was decent but they definitely bank on the convenience of being located at the storehouse. The food was fine but a bit on the expensive side for what we got. I think our drinks were better than our main courses as Rick tried a different beer by Guinness and I got a black velvet, half Guinness and half prosecco. Then we ended our meals with some traditional Irish coffees.

Overall it was a very fun way to spend an afternoon in Dublin. Even if you’re not a beer enthusiast, the tour is interesting and well worth doing – at least once during your time in Dublin!

Since our tickets were bought by someone else, I can’t speak to how easy it was to book tickets but the storehouse website does recommend booking tickets in advance to ensure you get in on the day and time you want.

Highlights of visiting the Guinness Storehouse & booking information

  • Educational information: You definitely learn a lot about Guinness and its history and its impact on Irish culture
  • Free tasting: You can do the little tasting after learning more about the ingredients that go into the beer; as well as get your free pint up at Gravity Bar
  • Days offered: Daily
  • Hours: Monday – Friday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Self-guided tour: We explored at our own pace and were told to allow 90 minutes to get the basic experience
  • Price: €20 per adult
  • Tickets: Buy tickets online
The 9,000-year lease for the brewery

Tips for visiting the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin

  • Wear comfortable shoes: The storehouse is huge and you will be walking all over the place, especially up and down some stairs for your tasters!
  • Take your time: There’s no one moving people along so you can feel free to take your time and engage with the interactive exhibits.
  • Go at an off-time: If we go back, I’d love to visit not during lunch to see if we’d be able to find a seat in Gravity Bar or just not be constantly surrounded by big groups of people.
  • Stop by the souvenir shop: We ended up leaving with quite a few and fun Guinness-themed souvenirs! They have all sorts of gifts and goodies and many that show off a distinct era of Guinness’ history and advertising.
  • Do not take a carriage: When you leave, you’ll be offered a ride on a horse-drawn carriage and we opted to do it as it seemed like a fun way to get to our next destination. Do not do this. We were swindled and told one price at the storehouse and charged double when we were dropped off.

Do you enjoy brewery tours or winery tours when you travel? Tell us about your favorite experience in the comments!

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