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Review of Nightly Spirits Denver

In a recent post, I highlighted some of the most haunted places in Denver and recommended a few Denver ghost tour companies, one of them was Nightly Spirits. I thought I’d dive a bit more in-depth on why I recommend their hauntingly good tours of Downtown Denver with a review of Nightly Spirits.

Ease of booking

Booking our tour was easy and they have a good online booking system. They also provide plenty of details about where to meet your guide and what to look for – a guy dressed as a sheriff or a girl dressed in saloon wear. They’re pretty recognizable.


I’ve actually done the Nightly Spirits tour twice, once with Rick and some friends and another time with Rick and my sister. The tours covered some of the same places, but there were some new additions to the one we did the second time around. Each guide was friendly, outgoing, and always made sure everyone could see and hear them before starting their spiel. Both hang around after the tour is done in case you want to ask questions or hear more ghost stories.


Some of the stories I’d heard before and others were brand new, but each of our guides were great with sharing the tales of the hauntings and spirits that haunt some of the places we visited. The guides expertly weaved history and haunts together as they shared stories of Denver’s past, both factual and phantasmic. I even learned a few things about LoDo, its street names, and unique history as well as enjoyed the great ghost stories.

The guides talked about Lydia, the ghost of the Blake Street Vault, the ghost of a postal worker who likes to visit the bar in the Oxford, some of the active spirits of the Celtic, sightings at Union Station, and a few remote sites of Denver we didn’t get to visit.


The tour visits several haunted locations in LoDo and started at Blake Street Vault (the vault closed in 2017, so I’m not sure where the tours start now). We went early to grab some dinner and drinks before the tour started and the guides are good at checking you in and letting you know where to be and when.

After heading into the basement of the restaurant and visiting the actual vault, we hear about the lady of the night who still hangs out upstairs and then we move onto some other sites in the neighborhood. Most of our stops include enough time to order a drink from the bar so you can have something chilly while hearing the chilling tales.

The pace of the tour is good though you don’t want to dawdle as we walk pretty quickly between locations as the guides want to spend as much time inside the spot as possible.

Some of the places we visited on the tour include:

  • Blake Street Vault
  • The underground tunnels
  • Double Daughters
  • Celtic
  • The Oxford
  • Union Station

Overall, it’s an enjoyable Denver ghost tour and worth the cost. It’s great if you really want to focus on historic Denver and visit some icons in the LoDo area, and have access to great bars and nightlife after your ghost tour concludes. Bring some extra cash or a credit card for the drink stops along the way and a tip for your guide, they’ll definitely earn it.

Have you done a Nightly Spirits tour in another city? Tell us what you thought of it in the comments below!

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