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How to order gelato in Italy

Gelato on display

Traveling to a new country is always exciting but it can also be daunting when you want to fit in and just enjoy the local culture and customs, part of which involves dining out! And there’s no greater dining out experience in Italy than visiting a gelateria (gelato shop) and ordering some gelato! This tasty

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Best gelato in Florence

It seems impossible to imagine strolling the streets of Florence without a gelato in hand! Especially after a delicious meal of bistecca fiorentina paired with a lovely chianti. While Florence is home to classic art, a Renaissance culture, and stunning architecture, it’s also home to some wonderful gelaterie as well. It’s possible I’ve tried every

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Where to go for gelato in Rome

Gelato bins

There’s nothing quite as perfect as strolling the streets of Rome with a gelato in hand and while there are many, many, many gelaterias to buy a cone or a cup from, why not just go right for the good stuff? With so many gelato options in Rome, it can be hard to narrow down