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While I wish we could be off on an adventure all the time, we need to make some money to pay off our trips and until the Travel Channel gives me my own show, guess I’ll have to work to afford my travel experiences. When I can’t travel or when I want to read about

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Best Christmas destinations in the US

Our last post highlighted the best places in Europe to spend Christmas, so this time we’re keeping in stateside and sharing our picks for the 10 best cities for Christmas in the United States. From snowy cities to cities that have never seen snow, the US has a great variety of unique destinations to spend

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Best off-season travel destinations

I love traveling in the summer, but it can also be hard to appreciate some fantastic destinations with the endless crowds of people all trying to see the same thing or all trying to eat at the same popular restaurant at the same time. Off-season travel has its benefits for sure: Cheaper accommodations, affordable transportation

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How I packed for a two-week Europe trip in a carry-on

A couple years ago, I went on a girls’ trip to Europe for a few weeks and surprised the group (and honestly, myself) with how little I packed. Though now I’m wondering if I’ve found a runaway suitcase from Mary Poppin’s universe as no matter how many things I unpacked when I got home, there