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Best photography locations in Lucerne

Lucerne, Switzerland

Capture the best of Lucerne by visiting our favorite photography locations in this fun, historic city in Switzerland! Whether you’re getting pics for Instagram or your own travel scrapbook, there are some truly great photo spots in Lucerne you’ll want to check out during your time there.  Lucerne is known for its medieval architecture, historic

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What to always pack in your personal item

Woman at the airport

My personal item is pretty much stuffed to the brim to make the most of the space I’m allowed when flying. But that doesn’t mean I’m packing it unwisely. I’ve become a pro at packing my purse for flights so I have all the entertainment I need and snacks to keep me full on the

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Tips for traveling with your dog

dog traveling

We share a lot of travel tips with our fellow explorers, from what to pack, what travel accessories to buy, where to stay and what to do when you get there, but not all travelers get around on two feet and many enjoy going to new places as much as their humans. Dog-friendly travel has

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Munich: What to know before you go

Munich, Germany

I loved exploring Munich, getting lost in its streets, wandering its parks and beer gardens, and sampling delicious Bavarian food and drink. There is no shortage of things to do and see here and we hope our Munich travel guide helps you better plan your trip to this iconic Bavarian city. Munich, or München in

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9 simple tips for learning a new language

Language on blackboard

One thing I always do before we travel to a new destination is to learn a few words in that country’s language. Am I going to be having witty discussions with locals? Probably not, but I can at least make an effort to speak their language and communicate in a way they’ll understand. On Back

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10 best day trips from London

Brighton city view

You could easily spend a week in London and not run out of things to do, but sometimes you’ll want to slow things down a bit and explore some of the cool cities nearby – which is where these awesome day trips from London come in! Whether you want a morning away or a whole

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How to overcome jet lag

Plane in the sky

Nothing makes the first day of travel worse than landing and ready to explore and then an hour later being fine falling asleep on a train, in the street, or anywhere really as you don’t care about anything anymore besides sleep due to jet lag. Rick and I were total zombies on our first day

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What to eat in Rome

Bonci pizza

I’m pretty sure it’s 100% possible to be eternally eating when in the Eternal City. With amazing, classic dishes available at every restaurant and plenty of grab-and-go options that are also mind-blowing, you will not be leaving Rome hungry. Unless you hate good food, but then you’ve got bigger problems. I’ve always joked that I

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Best photography locations in Rome

Rome is an extremely photogenic travel destination and has photo stops practically around every corner and in every piazza. With a history dating back to 753, there are plenty of historic structures to capture on film, as well as good opportunities for lifestyle and food photography – hello, pizza and gelato! I always take a

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Travel Dutch: Useful phrases

Dam Square in Amsterdam

I love studying Italian and learning a few key phrases in other languages when I travel, but two of the hardest ones I’ve come across are Dutch and Icelandic. Give it enough time and you could throw down a handful of Scrabble letters and create a word in Dutch. You’d need a whole new bag