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5 things you probably didn’t know about Belem Tower


Belém Tower: it’s an iconic part of Lisbon and the most famous landmark of Portugal. This UNESCO World Heritage Site symbolizes the Age of Discoveries and achieved this designation in 1983.  It’s also one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal! I know, I’m wasting all my fun facts about the Belém Tower right in my


Travel Portuguese: Useful phrases

Lisbon's Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

We’re getting ever closer to our trip to Portugal and though we’ve got out travel itinerary pretty much nailed down, we still have to perfect a few phrases we’ll be using as we travel around Lisbon! I love learning new languages and while I have no hopes of being fluent in Portuguese by the time

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5 fun facts about Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

We’re at the final countdown! One month to go until we’re exploring Portugal! We cannot wait to get back to Europe and cross another amazing country off our travel bucket list! We’ have our eyes on Portugal for awhile now but it’s crazy to think that it’s actually becoming a reality and soon enough we’ll

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10 tips for planning travel with friends

Two women laughing

Spring is coming upon us and many of us reminisce about the days when this fresh new season meant spring break! You can still enjoy spring break but instead of leaving homework and school behind, you can travel with your friends and leave emails and project management tools behind. Traveling with friends is lots of

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21 travel apps for 2022

Smartphone on a map

It still doesn’t feel real that our first lockdown was about two years ago. Rick and I are still trying to get our 2020 trip to England, Scotland, and Ireland back on our calendar. We’ve been able to plan getaways here and there but our style of travel has definitely changed these last two years.


Romantic phrases in the Romance languages

Vintage couple

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and since love is in the air I thought it’d be fun to explore how we talk about love in the most romantic of the languages, the Romance languages! The Romance languages all come from Vulgar Latin and split into French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian. Rick and I have been

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How to travel on a budget: 10 money-saving tips

Money in a piggy bank

Rick and I have been ready to plan some serious travel this year after the experience the last two years have been and while it feels like we’ll have plenty of credit card points to book a hotel room for an entire year, we still like to save money when we travel. That doesn’t mean

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2022 travel trends

airplane taking off

These last two years have been full of ups and downs and changes but one thing that’s changing as we enter 2022 are the travel trends we’ve got our eyes on. In this post, we’re highlighting the top travel trends we’re watching this year as things continue to evolve in the pandemic and we try

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2022 travel resolutions

Couple toasting champagne

It’s almost that time of year – the time when we set new goals or reaffirm our commitments to finish goals we set for ourselves last year and get ready to welcome a new year.  While these last two years have been rough and unpredictable, I’m hoping 2022 brings some balance to our lives. A