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Best photography locations in Amsterdam

Amsterdam buildings

Amsterdam is a photographer’s dream with its beautiful architecture, many bridges, its canals and ability to catch neat reflections on the water’s surface, the flower shops, and tons and tons of bikes to use in the foreground of your photos. If you’re on the hunt for the best photography locations in Amsterdam, you’ve come to

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Travel Dutch: Useful phrases

Dam Square in Amsterdam

I love studying Italian and learning a few key phrases in other languages when I travel, but two of the hardest ones I’ve come across are Dutch and Icelandic. Give it enough time and you could throw down a handful of Scrabble letters and create a word in Dutch. You’d need a whole new bag

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24 hours in Amsterdam

I’m going to be honest, on my first trip to Amsterdam I wasn’t that excited. Everyone else in our tour group was excited for special cakes and sex shops and I was kind of feeling meh about it. But once I got there and got to explore and experience the city, I loved it! I’ve

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Amsterdam on a budget

Flowers in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a popular choice for many European vacationers and for a good reason. It’s got a great culture, friendly people, interesting architecture, delicious food (pancakes or brownies, anyone?), as well as plenty of outdoor activities like biking and cruising the canals to keep you busy. With so many things to do in Amsterdam, it’s