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Sydney travel bucket list

Sydney, Australia

I know I’ve already posted about Australia being on my bucket list, but it’s my birthday so I’m allowed to do whatever I want and I want to talk about all the cool things I want to do when I finally start checking things off of my Sydney travel bucket list!

I’ve had my heart set on going to Australia since I was a child and I just need to find the time to actually get there and convince Rick it’s worth the freakishly long flight to get to a land filled with things that want to kill you.

From seeing sleepy koalas and jumping kangaroos to getting burnt to a crisp on some of the most beautiful beaches I think I’ll ever lay eyes on, I truly cannot wait until I get to the Land Down Under and start exploring everything it has to offer.

But first up, I’ve got to start figuring out what to do with my future time in Sydney.

Travel bucket list: 10 things to do in Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge

1. Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge

I am so climbing to the top of that bridge to take in the impressive 360-degree views, plus it’ll be a great way to reach my Fitbit step goal for the day! Not only the bridge an icon of the city, it’s one of the few bridges in the world that allows people to climb to the top.

The bridge dates back to 1932, took around 10 years to complete, and is the seventh-longest spanning-arch bridge in the world.

2. Sunset cruise in Sydney Harbour or whale watching

One way I can get Rick on a plane to Australia is promising him lots of quality time on the water. I’ll pop a Dramamine and we can be off on a great adventure from Sydney Harbour. Whether we do a romantic sunset cruise or go further out for some whale watching in their winter, I know we’ll have a great time.

3. See a performance at the Sydney Opera House

The Opera House is practically the symbol of Sydney and while we can go tour it during the day, I’d really want the full experience by catching a performance, either dance or a live concert. We probably still will do a guided tour of the event center as I want to hear more about its construction and the feat of engineering that it is!

4. Go for a walk along the coast

A couple years ago I did a coastal walk with a friend in Hawaii and absolutely loved it so I’d love to replicate that in Australia where we can take in the beautiful views as we head toward a fabulous location. I’ve got my eye on the Coogee to Bondi coastal walk or the Split to Manly.

5. Hang out in The Rocks

Last time Rick and I were in London we checked out the Wapping neighborhood, home to some of London’s oldest pubs and really enjoyed it. I don’t see why I shouldn’t add checking out the oldest part of Sydney to my bucket list! The Rocks was the first neighborhood settled by our friends the Brits when they arrived in the late 1700s.

Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia

6. Relax at the iconic beaches

I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if we don’t visit some of Sydney’s fantastic beaches, especially Bondi Beach! This gorgeous stretch of sandy shore is on the Australian Heritage List so it easily earns its spot on my Sydney bucket list! I’ve also heard great things about Manly Beach, so we might have to make time on our travel itinerary to do both.

7. Sip Australian wine

I am not going all the way to Australia and not sampling some of their home-grown wine! Especially if someone hands me a glass of shiraz. We might have to leave Sydney for a day trip to Hunter Valley for the full-blown winery experience.

If we don’t have time to leave the city, I’ve heard good things about Urban Winery and I’d love to do some wine tasting from the NSW region.

8. Discover Australian beer on a brewery tour

Over the last few years I’ve come around to beer and wouldn’t mind combining a city tour with some Australian suds. That’s where Dave’s beer tours come in! With a variety of behind-the-scenes brewery tours and tours that cover Sydney history and culture and beer, I think we’ll find a tour to suit our needs.

9. Visit the Blue Mountains

While I’m a bit partial to the Rocky Mountains surrounding us in Colorado I do have to admit the Blue Mountains look pretty fun to visit. This is another activity on my Sydney bucket list where we’ll leave the city, but I think it’ll be worth the trek, or I mean train ride.

I can’t wait to go hiking, watching the waterfalls, or exploring Australia’s forests here. I’ve noted that I have to see the Three Sisters rock formation as it pops up on pretty much every travel blog or forum!

10. Explore Sydney’s haunted side on a ghost tour

Besides food and wine or beer tours of cities, my next favorite thing is to hear about a city’s haunted history. Given that Sydney was originally founded as a convict colony, I’m sure there are some dark and spooky tales waiting to be shared.

What am I missing from my Sydney travel bucket list? Tell me in the comments below on what I need to add to my growing list of things to do when I finally make it to Sydney!

Sydney Opera House at sunset
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