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Bucket list: Germany

Munich, Germany

I know highlighting Germany as a destination on our travel bucket list seems odd since I’ve written about Germany before – but we have not been there as a couple! I really enjoyed my time in Germany and I know Rick really wants to go there as soon as we can. Honestly, if we hadn’t

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Sydney travel bucket list

Sydney, Australia

I know I’ve already posted about Australia being on my bucket list, but it’s my birthday so I’m allowed to do whatever I want and I want to talk about all the cool things I want to do when I finally start checking things off of my Sydney travel bucket list! I’ve had my heart

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Bucket list: Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic beach at sunset

The Dominican Republic is a tropical treasure of the Caribbean that we have yet to explore! While we’re busy still rescheduling getaways and moving travel plans back a year or two due to the pandemic, we definitely have our eyes on the Dominican Republic as a future travel destination and have started adding things to

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Bucket list: British Virgin Islands

Tortola British Virgin Islands

I’ve been to the US Virgin Islands before but I’ll be honest, I don’t remember that much about the trip as I was a kid when I went to the islands on a cruise with my family. But, I would love to get back to that tropical region and take the opportunity to check out

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Bucket list: Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco

We’ve had a few adventures and future trips featured in Africa on our monthly bucket list posts, but this time we’re putting together our bucket list for Morocco so we can plan to explore more of Northern Africa! Morocco is known for its sandy landscapes, spice markets, and incredible architecture and I can’t wait until

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Bucket list: Alaska


While Rick and I are no strangers to cruising to Caribbean destinations, one we haven’t done that Rick is dying to do is an Alaskan cruise. Alaska is definitely a bucket list-worthy travel destination that I would like to check off our list sometime. We can have so many adventures in Alaska, from viewing the

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Bucket list: Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia

While we don’t have any plans to go rushin’ off to Russia in the next few months or even the next year, I’ve had my eye on some European cruises that have a stop in Russia and it’s made me start to think about Russia as a bucket list travel destination.  As a kid, I

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Bucket list: Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The vibrant hues, relaxed ambiance, and stunning coastal cities of Croatia are definitely making us want to plan a trip there! Two years ago, Rick and I did a fantastic trip along the Mediterranean coastline and we can’t wait to get back to the region to continue exploring other beautiful travel destinations – and after

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Bucket list: Argentina

Fitz Roy in Patagonia

From Buenos Aires to the bountiful Argentine wineries, Argentina is a travel destination that has tons of activities to add to our bucket list! Glaciers, waterfalls, and amazing wildlife viewing are just a few ideas of what we can do in Argentina on a future trip there. Argentina is yet another South American destination I’m

Things to do

Bucket list: Kenya

Flamingos in Kenya

I know I’ve written a bucket list for Africa in the past but this month I wanted to get a bit more specific and do a Kenya bucket list as Kenya’s definitely a destination in Africa I’ve got my eye on for a future trip for us. From the variety of safari options to the