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Bucket list: Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia

While we don’t have any plans to go rushin’ off to Russia in the next few months or even the next year, I’ve had my eye on some European cruises that have a stop in Russia and it’s made me start to think about Russia as a bucket list travel destination.  As a kid, I

Things to do

Bucket list: Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The vibrant hues, relaxed ambiance, and stunning coastal cities of Croatia are definitely making us want to plan a trip there! Two years ago, Rick and I did a fantastic trip along the Mediterranean coastline and we can’t wait to get back to the region to continue exploring other beautiful travel destinations – and after

Things to do

Bucket list: Argentina

Fitz Roy in Patagonia

From Buenos Aires to the bountiful Argentine wineries, Argentina is a travel destination that has tons of activities to add to our bucket list! Glaciers, waterfalls, and amazing wildlife viewing are just a few ideas of what we can do in Argentina on a future trip there. Argentina is yet another South American destination I’m

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Bucket list: Kenya

Flamingos in Kenya

I know I’ve written a bucket list for Africa in the past but this month I wanted to get a bit more specific and do a Kenya bucket list as Kenya’s definitely a destination in Africa I’ve got my eye on for a future trip for us. From the variety of safari options to the

Things to do

Bucket list: Scotland

Scotland landscape

We’re anxiously counting down to our next big Europe trip that’s happening this summer, where we’ll be checking out England, Scotland, and Ireland and I’m thrilled we’ll be able to cross two countries off of our travel bucket list! While we went to London just back in 2018, I’m super excited to see more of

Things to do

Bucket list: China

Sunset in China

We’ve got a few big travel destinations still waiting to be crossed off our bucket list and one of  the biggest is China. We don’t yet have anything in the works in terms of traveling to China, but a couple of our friends are working hard at making a case for us to go there

Things to do

Bucket list: Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

From the vibrant colors of Carnival to the emerald hues along the coast, there’s a lot for us to see and do in Brazil when we finally check it off our bucket list! Unless we get a generous amount of time off from our jobs, there’s no way we’ll be able to knock all these

Things to do

Bucket list: Colombia

Medellin, Colombia

South America is yet to be crossed off our travel bucket list and I think when we do finally make it down there, Colombia might be our first pick! Colombia is a safe travel destination with safe drinking water and not as much crime as people expect – like any travel destination, be smart about

Things to do

Bucket list: Japan

Japanese cherry blossoms

Rick and I are discussing a trip to Japan with a few friends in 2022, yes we’re those planners who schedule trips years in advance, and I’ve already started looking up things to do and check off our Japan bucket list!  Neither of us have ever been to Asia and so we’re flying a little

Things to do

Bucket list: Norway


With my Norwegian roots, it only seems right that Norway make the list of future travel destinations for us, so I’ve started putting together our Norway bucket list! From the picture-perfect fjords to gigantic, snowy mountains, I feel there’ll be plenty to keep us busy as we explore this Scandinavian country. Rich in Viking culture,