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Off the beaten path in Florence

Ponte Vecchio in Florence

Florence is a must-see city when traveling to Italy with its iconic art, beautiful architecture and cathedrals, and impressive history. The birthplace of the Renaissance is a city you can return to time and time again and still feel inspired to explore it further. While there are many popular things to do in Florence, there

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24 hours in Florence


Florence draws millions of visitors each year and for good reason. The architecture, the art, the food, the wine, the culture, the people… I could go on about what makes this Italian city such a fantastic travel destination, but it’s honestly better if you just go explore it yourself and enjoy some of the best

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What to eat and drink in Florence

Ponte Vecchio in Florence

It shouldn’t be a surprise that you’ll be dining well when you visit Italy, but if you’re off to Florence and want to dig into something traditional and local, you’re in for a real treat! With the rich soil of the rolling hills in the Tuscan countryside, it’s easy to see why Florentine food is

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Best gelato in Florence

It seems impossible to imagine strolling the streets of Florence without a gelato in hand! Especially after a delicious meal of bistecca fiorentina paired with a lovely chianti. While Florence is home to classic art, a Renaissance culture, and stunning architecture, it’s also home to some wonderful gelaterie as well. It’s possible I’ve tried every

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Best photography locations in Florence

A vacation in Florence is one you won’t want to forget and by knowing where to go for amazing photos of this beautiful Renaissance city, you’ll be able to remember it better later on. Florence, or Firenze, is home to stunning cathedrals, beautiful architecture, museums filled with impressive works of art, and amazing Tuscan cuisine

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Streets in Madrid

Remember the days of being a kid and counting down to spring break whether because you were going somewhere fun or just to get out of school? Recreate that excitement of getting away from it all, especially spring cleaning, by going on your own adults-only spring break! Filled with daytime adventures, fancy cocktails, and exciting