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24 hours in Dublin

Temple Bar in Dublin

A visit to the Emerald Isle must include a stop in Dublin, even if it’s only for a day! The capital of Ireland’s rich history, culture, and popular landmarks make it a treat to visit no matter how much time you can spend in it. If you only have a day in Dublin, you can

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Bucket list: British Columbia, Canada

I have a confession to make as a Minnesotan. I’ve never crossed the border up into Canada even though my accent has made many people think I’m Canadian. I know, I’m a bad Northerner and really need to cross Canada off the bucket list and go back to my roots of nice people, hockey, and

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24 hours in Barcelona

Barcelona, or “Barthelona” if you want to sound like a local (but please don’t unless you actually speak Catalan), is a wonderful, welcoming city that Rick and I simply cannot wait to get back to. The beautiful architecture and neighborhoods, the welcoming people, the inviting beach, and the delicious cuisine make for a wonderful vacation

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Bucket List: Czech Republic

With historic castles, breathtaking architecture, beautiful forests, and flavorful food complemented with a light Czech lager, I simply cannot wait until the day we get the chance to discover the Czech Republic for ourselves! Everyone I know that’s gone there has fallen in love with the place and recommend visiting as soon as possible. While

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Amsterdam on a budget

Flowers in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a popular choice for many European vacationers and for a good reason. It’s got a great culture, friendly people, interesting architecture, delicious food (pancakes or brownies, anyone?), as well as plenty of outdoor activities like biking and cruising the canals to keep you busy. With so many things to do in Amsterdam, it’s

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A two-day Rome itinerary

I know it seems impossible to see the Eternal City in just two days but if the opportunity comes along to visit Rome, even just for two days, you take it! Rick and I certainly did with our most recent trip to Europe and it was worth the long days to explore this amazing city.

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24 hours in Cannes

Boats in Cannes

Feel like a film star when you explore Cannes, home of the International Film Festival, gorgeous beaches, and plenty of oceanfront dining. While the majority of your time in Cannes will probably be spent relaxing enjoying the “c’est la vie” attitude of the south of France, there are still plenty of things to do in