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Top 5 wines to drink in France

white and red wine

Experiencing a country’s food and drinks is a must when traveling, especially when you’re traveling to a place that is renowned for its exquisite wine.  France is home to many incredible appellations that produce some of the world’s finest wine but that also means it’s overwhelming trying to decide what to imbibe and what to

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Italian food and wine by region

If there’s one weakness I have, it’s Italian food and Italian wine. It’s so amazing what they do with just a few ingredients and then present a masterpiece on a plate and in a glass. While many restaurants here are great at serving up Italian dishes, sometimes you just can’t beat the real thing by

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French food and wine by region

White wine pouring into a glass

France is known for exquisite cuisine and wonderful wine, and while it’s hard to make a wrong choice while dining in France there are certain dishes and wines that are regional specialties that you should indulge in while traveling there. If visiting some of France’s main wine producing regions, treat yourselves to the wines and

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Sangria recipes for spring

Pot with oranges and wine

Looking for a refreshing cocktail to welcome spring? Look no further than sangria – a sweet concoction of wine, diced fruit, and brandy. Sangria is essentially a wine-based fruit punch, if you will, and is a delicious drink for the warmer months. While its name doesn’t have the most pleasant of beginnings (its named for