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What to pack for an all-inclusive vacation

We love going on vacation to all-inclusive resorts because once you get there, virtually everything is taken care of! Sure, there might some excursions or activities you want to pay extra for, we’re always suckers for massages at the spa, but for the most part you don’t have to spend anymore money once you’re on

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Commonly forgotten items for your packing list

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Packing can be a pain but pales in comparison to realizing you forgot to pack something important for your trip. There are great packing lists out there for different destinations or types of vacations that make sure you pack the things like: good walking shoes, a waterproof jacket, flip-flops, a swimsuit and cover up, and

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What to pack for a cruise

Cruise ships

Planning any vacation is fun but packing can always add an element of stress to your adventure as you don’t want to overpack or underpack for your trip. Rick and I are both aware that we tend to overpack for everything but for our last cruise I tried to make sure we weren’t packing unnecessary

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Best travel size items for women

I’ve shared some of our favorite packing tips in the past, but this time I’m highlighting some of my favorite travel-sized items to toss in your suitcase or purse for your next getaway! Packing isn’t always fun… via GIPHY But there are some ways to save space for more important items, like that one pair

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What to pack for London

Packing for a vacation can be daunting as you don’t want to overpack, but you want to bring the clothes that make you feel most comfortable and you want to be prepared for a variety of situations or outings. It can be a fine line to walk, especially if you’re trying to fit everything into

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What to wear in Italy

Planning to experience la dolce vita in Italy soon? Lucky you! As you get ready to see the historic landmarks, indulge in pasta and pizza, and treat yourself to a life’s worth of gelato, one thing that always seems to pop up when people are planning on visiting Italy: Fashion. Italians tend to be a

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What to pack for Jamaica

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Hauling out the suitcase soon a tropical getaway and not sure what are travel essentials for your Jamaica vacation? No problem! Check out our list of what to pack for Jamaica and go into your relaxing vacation with all the essentials: Travel documents This one should go without saying, but make sure to have your

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15 must-have travel accessories

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Looking for travel tech and accessories for an upcoming vacation? Here are a few of our favorite travel items to help make traveling easier, convenient, and more fun! RFID safe wallet The last thing you want to happen as you start your vacation is to have your credit card numbers or other sensitive data stolen.

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How I packed for a two-week Europe trip in a carry-on

A couple years ago, I went on a girls’ trip to Europe for a few weeks and surprised the group (and honestly, myself) with how little I packed. Though now I’m wondering if I’ve found a runaway suitcase from Mary Poppin’s universe as no matter how many things I unpacked when I got home, there