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Best Dublin photography locations

Dublin Temple Bar

Dublin is a city we were so excited to see and we wish we had had more time in the city to explore it further, but on our trip there we only had about two days in the city. While we still have more to see (and photograph!), we did stop at a few popular

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Best photography locations on Maui

Kihei beach

No matter what Hawaiian Island you travel to, you’re sure to find beauty around every corner. But if you find yourself on the island of Maui – make sure you schedule some time to capture that beauty on film by visiting these amazing photography locations on Maui! From beaches to volcanoes, there are some incredible

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Best Madrid photography locations

Madrid, Spain

Spain is home to some amazing travel destinations, whether you’re going to learn more about the country’s history and culture or you simply want to discover the different regions – especially when it comes to the food and wine served around Spain. But one city that can’t be missed is its capital: Madrid! With stunning

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Best photography locations on Kauai

Na Pali Coast

Okay, I’ll admit that it’s practically impossible to get a bad photo while exploring Hawaii as the islands are so colorful, beautiful, and Instagram-worthy just by their mere existence. But the island that’s our favorite to photograph is Kauai! This island is so rich with photography locations, from the waves crashing along the sandy yellow

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Best photography locations in Amsterdam

Amsterdam buildings

Amsterdam is a photographer’s dream with its beautiful architecture, many bridges, its canals and ability to catch neat reflections on the water’s surface, the flower shops, and tons and tons of bikes to use in the foreground of your photos. If you’re on the hunt for the best photography locations in Amsterdam, you’ve come to

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Best photography locations in Edinburgh

Calton Hill Edinburgh

Ready to capture the best photos on your tour of Edinburgh? Then you’ll want to include stops at these awesome photography locations in Edinburgh! With historic charm and fascinating architecture around every corner there’s no shortage of Instagrammable spots in Edinburgh. Whether you’re snapping pics of Old Town, climbing up Arthur’s Seat, or enjoying the

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Best photography locations in Reykjavik

Church in Reykjavik

With long days in the summer and stunning Northern Lights in the winter, coupled with dramatic landscapes and cute architecture Iceland is a photographer’s dream. The majority of Iceland’s photography locations are located outside the capital, Reykjavik, along the Golden Circle, by waterfalls, and the country’s neat natural formations. They don’t call it the Land

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Best photography locations in Barcelona

Barcelona Cathedral

Barcelona is bursting with color and unique shapes thanks to Antoni Gaudi’s influence and there’s no shortage of amazing photography locations in Barcelona to capture forever on film – or on Google Photos.  I don’t even want to know how many photos I took just inside the Sagrada Familia and we were only there for

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Best photography locations in Lucerne

Lucerne, Switzerland

Capture the best of Lucerne by visiting our favorite photography locations in this fun, historic city in Switzerland! Whether you’re getting pics for Instagram or your own travel scrapbook, there are some truly great photo spots in Lucerne you’ll want to check out during your time there.  Lucerne is known for its medieval architecture, historic

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Best photography locations in Munich

Munich park

Munich is definitely an Instagram-worthy travel destination with photography spots around every corner or beer tap.  The city offers up historic architecture, lively plazas, and a great mix of cityscapes and green spaces for different photography opportunities. I loved all the options to see the city from above as well as shoot it from down