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What to drink over the holidays around the world

Christmas drink

Baby, it’s cold outside, so warm up with a festive holiday drink!  Family recipes and traditional food and drinks are important parts of the holidays and I love discovering the flavors of the festive season from around the world. In my family, we stick with wassail, sparkling wine, and a glass of ice-cold rum chata

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Miracle Christmas bar review

Miracle bar

Miracle, a Christmas-themed pop-up bar, has been one of the most festive things to do in Denver to get in the holiday spirit with a spirit for a while now.  Rick and I went with my sister and brother-in-law to see why everyone was ready to shoot their eye out over getting into this holiday

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Thanksgiving celebrations around the world

pumpkin pie

Happy Thanksgiving! As Rick and I prepare to devour as much turkey, stuffing, and green bean casserole as we can, I thought it’d be fun to take a look at how Thanksgiving, or a similar holiday, is celebrated around the world.  While most celebrations aren’t focused on turkey, many are timed to be harvest festivals

Denver|Food and Drink|Reviews

Denver Oktoberfest: The VIP experience

Denver Oktoberfest 2019

Celebrating 50 years this year, Denver Oktoberfest has been a staple fall festival in the Mile High City’s past and shows no signs of slowing down – and we are not complaining, please keep that beer coming! We have steins dating back to 2011 and every fall Rick and I grab our favorites and head

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What to eat in Rome

Bonci pizza

I’m pretty sure it’s 100% possible to be eternally eating when in the Eternal City. With amazing, classic dishes available at every restaurant and plenty of grab-and-go options that are also mind-blowing, you will not be leaving Rome hungry. Unless you hate good food, but then you’ve got bigger problems. I’ve always joked that I

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Review: The Reykjavik Food Walk

Iceland hot dog stand

Rick and I have started making a food tour a natural part of all of our getaways as it’s such a fun way to visit tucked away restaurants, eat where the locals eat, and learn more about the city from someone who lives there. So of course when we had a day in Reykjavik, we

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10 must-try foods in Iceland

Iceland restaurant and bar

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Iceland is its dramatic, natural landscapes complete with cascading waterfalls, rugged mountains, stunning glaciers, idyllic beaches, and even looking up to catch a beautiful display by Mother Nature with the shimmering dancing lights of an aurora. While it’s easy to think of things to do,

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10 best beers in Belgium

While I prefer my adult beverages to be of the red wine variety, when in Rome – or Belgium – I opt to go with a beer! With more than 200 breweries in Belgium, this country has been known for producing amazing craft beer for centuries and the brewers here really focus on the craft