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What to eat in Rome

Bonci pizza

I’m pretty sure it’s 100% possible to be eternally eating when in the Eternal City. With amazing, classic dishes available at every restaurant and plenty of grab-and-go options that are also mind-blowing, you will not be leaving Rome hungry. Unless you hate good food, but then you’ve got bigger problems. I’ve always joked that I

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Review: The Reykjavik Food Walk

Iceland hot dog stand

Rick and I have started making a food tour a natural part of all of our getaways as it’s such a fun way to visit tucked away restaurants, eat where the locals eat, and learn more about the city from someone who lives there. So of course when we had a day in Reykjavik, we

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10 must-try foods in Iceland

Iceland restaurant and bar

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Iceland is its dramatic, natural landscapes complete with cascading waterfalls, rugged mountains, stunning glaciers, idyllic beaches, and even looking up to catch a beautiful display by Mother Nature with the shimmering dancing lights of an aurora. While it’s easy to think of things to do,

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10 best beers in Belgium

While I prefer my adult beverages to be of the red wine variety, when in Rome – or Belgium – I opt to go with a beer! With more than 200 breweries in Belgium, this country has been known for producing amazing craft beer for centuries and the brewers here really focus on the craft

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LeRoux Denver review

LeRoux Denver interior

From the moment we stepped inside it felt like we were transported back to France and I was so excited for a decadent meal at Denver’s new European restaurant: LeRoux! While we normally opt for Italian when going out, I wanted to try this French restaurant as its part of the ChoLon Restaurant Concepts group,

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Must-try Hawaiian foods


Visiting Hawaii and looking for the best ono (delicious) grindz (food) to sink your teeth into? Hawaii is home to many fresh fruits, excellent seafood, and beyond amazing desserts. Whether you want something light like a fruit salad or even a tuna or salmon salad in the form of poke, there are plenty of amazing

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Chilling cocktails for your Halloween party

Dark cocktail

Unlike the witches I’ve dressed up as in the past, I don’t have hours to let my potions brew or run around the supermarket trying to find ridiculous ingredients that I’ll use once and then forget in the back of my cupboard. I’ve got Halloween treats and drinks to enjoy, I’m not a vampire that

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Five fun facts about Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest parade

Prost! It’s time for Oktoberfest and enjoying copious amounts of beer, schnitzel, brats, pretzels, and black forest cake! While Rick and I have discussed attending Munich’s festival in the future, we’ll have to settle for Denver’s version for the time being. We can’t wait for the year when we’ll be on our way to this

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What to order in Barcelona

Tapas display

With such an abundance of fresh seafood, exotic spices, and grillable veggies, Barcelona is a destination for any foodie. Rick and I ate very, very well while touring the Catalan city and we can’t wait to get back there and indulge in more tapas, paella, and sangria! Barcelona’s Spanish influence and own Catalan specialties make