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Bucket list: Norway


With my Norwegian roots, it only seems right that Norway make the list of future travel destinations for us, so I’ve started putting together our Norway bucket list! From the picture-perfect fjords to gigantic, snowy mountains, I feel there’ll be plenty to keep us busy as we explore this Scandinavian country. Rich in Viking culture,

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Bucket list: New Zealand

Maori rock carvings

Seeing as tomorrow is my birthday (woo!), I thought I’d take over the bucket list topic for June as New Zealand is a top pick on my list! Known for its incredible landscapes and vibrant greenery, New Zealand has been a bucket list destination for me for a long time – and one I plan

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Bucket list: British Columbia, Canada

I have a confession to make as a Minnesotan. I’ve never crossed the border up into Canada even though my accent has made many people think I’m Canadian. I know, I’m a bad Northerner and really need to cross Canada off the bucket list and go back to my roots of nice people, hockey, and

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Bucket list: Romania

Transylvania, tales of Dracula, and a rich European history beckon in Romania! While we’ve got the castles of Scotland and Ireland up next on our big Europe trip in 2020, I’ve been keeping my eye on Romania as a good travel destination for another return visit to Europe. I’ve heard wonderful things about it and

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Bucket list: South Korea

Palace in South Korea

I’ve been on a Conan O’Brien binge lately and Rick and I started watching Conan Without Borders and one of his episodes was on South Korea. Not gonna lie, I fully expect our eventual visit to South Korea to be as fired up as Conan’s K-Pop video. Moving on. There are so many cool things

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Bucket list: Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

I’ve got some Swedish heritage in my family so it’s only natural that I’ll have to visit Sweden during my life! This month’s bucket list travel destination is this stunning Scandinavian country that offers a diverse landscape, unique things to do, and an amazing culture. We haven’t decided if we’ll do a visit to Sweden

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Bucket List: Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Rick and I absolutely loved Spain and I think it’s time we add their next door neighbor to our future travel destinations! From historic landmarks to incredible wine, Portugal is definitely calling our name. Now that we’ve added it to the list, here are a few of the top things to do on our Portugal

Things to do

Bucket List: England


Though Rick and I have been to London, there are plenty of other destinations in England that we can’t wait to explore. London is definitely a must-see city in England but there are so many things to do in England that are outside of London – and we’re putting them on our England bucket list!

Things to do

Bucket list: Greece

Stunning views, ouzo, and delicious Mediterranean food, and I’m strictly talking about the 20 gyros I’m going to enjoy, awaits in Greece! Rick and I just did a long trip along the Mediterranean this summer and I’m definitely excited to explore that area again and spend some of that time in Greece. Greece brings to

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Bucket List: Thailand

Asia has been on our map of future travel destinations but just hasn’t been an area we’ve made it to… yet. One of the countries I really want to visit while making our way that direction is Thailand! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it, its people, its food, and its welcoming hospitality. With